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Co-Chairman of Priceless Dreams


Phone: (770) 826-8084

Christopher Price

Christopher Price is the co-chairman of the board for Priceless Dreams and is a highly skilled 1st Pressman for Prograhphics, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. He has 30 years of experience in marketing and supporting fortune 500 companies by providing marketing materials to their customers and government. He is responsible to help the chairman of the board to work effectively with other board members ensuring success for the organization. In addition in his role, he will be responsible for board meetings in absence of the Chairman and communicating new policies, processes, and strategic goals.



Christopher attended Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. Christopher brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization that will allow expansion in the marketing and charity functions. He learned these skills from working in fortune 500 companies. He emphasizes the importance of reaching out to the youth to ensure the success of future generations.   


Christopher is known for supporting other nonprofit organizations and has the enthusiasm to support youth initiatives. Christopher deems that allowing youths to strive in an encouraging and loving environment creates a community of diversity that will spread globally and make the world better for all people.

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