Struggling to pay bills?  Here are some tips on getting relief.

If you’ve been struggling to pay bills lately, you’re not alone. With millions experiencing economic hardship due to COVID‑19, many businesses are offering assistance.

 We’ve reviewed dozens of company websites. Here’s a summary of what we found that some businesses are offering:

•Utility companies are waiving a range of fees, such as late payment fees and suspending disconnections due to non‑payment.

•Phone carriers are waiving late fees and suspending disconnections. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you may receive additional call time or data usage. In some cases, data overage fees are waived. Some are not charging for calls to certain countries impacted by the pandemic.


•Home and auto insurance companies are offering payment deferrals and fee waivers, while also suspending policy cancellations for non-payment.


•Auto lenders are working with customers individually to discuss payment options. While interest would likely continue to accrue, you may be able to defer payments without incurring late fees, depending on the lender.1


How to ask for help

If you’re facing financial hardship due to COVID‑19, we strongly encourage you to go to the websites of your service and utility providers to see what forms of relief they offer and how to ask for it.

Our Bill Relief Checklist can help you get started:

✓Visit your service provider’s website.

✓See what specific types of relief are offered.

✓Check to see if the relief is automatic, or if you have to ask for it.

✓Verify how to get in touch. Some companies may require you to call, while others have online forms, secure communications or chat features.

✓Gather all your information, including your account number and most recent bill.

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