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Education & Outreach

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements. We  have a  literacy program  that allows  us the  ability to help improve  the basic reading skills of modern day youth. We have  partnered  with local schools to provide reading material, learning packets and  assistance. In the  near  future we will launch our read  from home and  night time reading program  that will allow us the  capability of reaching more youth  from video education using distance  learning tools.

Education Programs

Art Class

Art and Crafts

Kids Reading Outdoor


Tutoring a Student


Female Student


Full List of Programs Offered

  • Literacy – reading and finance

  • College and Career Advisement

  • STEM - collaborate with trade schools, colleges, and universities to gain advanced entrance and scholarships  

  • Internship and Externship programs

  • Mentoring and Coaching 

  • Art and Craft classes

  • Career Refresh - for individuals who want to start a new or change career

  • Fresh Start – individuals who desire to go back to school to obtain a trade or degree.

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