Education Program

How to Become Resourceful – Knowledge Seminar – The objective of the knowledge seminar is for any individual to become resourceful by learning how to obtain accurate information from government, business, and education entities.  


·      Art and Crafts - We provide activities for youth and adults: painting, kids craft and more. 


·      Literacy - Reading and Financial  


o   Reading – We provide reading materials to individuals. Incorporate the individual learning style to interpret reading materials. 


o   We collaborate with school districts literacy programs.


o   Financial – We teach individuals the financial components and skills of budgeting, borrowing from financial institutions, and how to manage personal finance. 


·      Mentoring – We provide a mentor to individuals to help them excel in their education and career. We also introduce a new way of thinking (outside of the box), and teaching life lessons to help themselves and others.


·      College and Career Advisement – We provide seminars to assist individuals on career paths and education choices.


·      STEM - Collaborate with colleges and universities.


·      Internship and Externship – Collaborate with fortune 500 companies for individuals’ education requirements.


·      Career Renew - this is for individuals who wants to new career or start a career.




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